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Supercharged Solutions

Codefield is where digital ideas take root and flourish.

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Our solutions transform the way people work and play, multiplying the impact of every hour.

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We blend established wisdom with frontier technology and build solutions that balance stability, scalability, and ingenuity.

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Continuous Improvement

We strive for continual progress, building things that grow smarter and stronger with every tick of the clock.

Areas of Focus

Machine Learning
API Development

Simplify Life

Our B2C digital tools simplify daily tasks and boost personal productivity.
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Targeted MicroSaaS Solutions

We develop focused, subscription-based software that addresses unique sector challenges.
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Strategic Tech Leadership

Our fractional CTO approach helps leaders navigate tech decisions without the buzzwords.
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Our Guiding Principles

Codefield is always growing; these supercharged principles accelerate the transition from seed to soaring success.

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Problem Focused

Start with the problem, not the solution, and create genuinely impactful products.

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Embrace Experimentation

Forge a path to excellence through fearless experimentation and learning.

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Data Driven Decision Making

Blend quantitative insights with qualitative wisdom for optimal decision-making

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Smart Resource Allocation

Prove that 'well-engineered' and 'reasonably priced' can coexist harmoniously.
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Codefield Projects

Seeds we've planted: a showcase of our ongoing and future work.

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HandleHawk monitors social media handle availability and allows organisations and individuals to register their names quickly and cheaply.

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Bookmarx empowers users to search, collate and analyse their social media bookmarks in one place.

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CTO Services - Loopli

We're proud to provide executive technical guidance to Loopli - a London-based cybersecurity and infosec startup.

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